• Columbia Startup Weekend

    An exciting opportunity for all technical professionals or interested parties, Columbia Startup Weekend seeks to bring together entrepreneurially minded people to develop ideas for new business … more

  • Veterans United Uniform Building

    The Veterans United Uniform Building is located about a quarter mile south of Nifong Blvd. just off Providence Rd. in south Columbia.  The address is 4115 S. Providence Rd.  Follow these … more

  • MFA Incorporated Hosting Location

    MFA Incorporated is located just off Stadium Blvd. where it meets US 63 in the southeast part of Columbia.  The address is 201 Ray Young Dr., Columbia MO 65201.

    When you arrive, please park … more

  • June 2014 Meeting Announcement

    June 3, 2014 - Coding For the Future - Neal Lines, MidwayUSA

    Writing Clean, Maintainable Code

    Imagine being assigned a project which involves modifying a section of code that has been unaltered … more

  • May 2014 Meeting Announcement

    May 6, 2014 - Unit Testing....Where Do I Begin? - Shawn Henninger, MidwayUSA

    Unit Testing…Where Do I Begin?

    Every developer has heard about Unit Testing and the benefits it can provide.& … more

  • March 2014 Meeting Announcement

    March 4, 2014 - "S - The Single Responsibility Principle" - Michael Griffin, MidwayUSA

    The meeting gods were not with us for a February 4th meeting, though we tried.  Michael Griffin prepared … more

  • MidwayUSA Roosevelt Building

    MidwayUSA is located just a few miles west on I-70 from Stadium Blvd, just off of exit 121 where the Midway truck stop is located at the junction of I-70 and Hwy 40.  Here is the map of this … more